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Vidiots Abroad II - Friday 27th April, 2018

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience in getting all of this together. The following is the plan for the day. I do still have room for a few more people so any last minute attendees just fill out the form below and follow the payment instructions. Thanks!

Hi everyone,


So here at last we have the details for the definitive, absolutely definitely 100% happening Video workshop that I've had to put back what seems like ten times. It was originally penned in for this Friday but something came up and I'm now shooting a wedding so the second most popular date was the 27th. I really hope that everyone can make it but if you can't then just let me know and I'll send your refund over to you. So...

Here is my rundown of the day:

12:15-12:30 - Meet at Baltic Market, Liverpool for a quick introduction and drink. I will go around to everybody and quickly look through the video settings of your camera with you as there will be various brands attending.

12:30 - We will head out into The Baltic Triangle with a skip in our step and maybe a tripod in hand to go through the absolute basics of shooting video on your cameras. We will be covering Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO and how they differ from when we're shooting stills, video settings ie resolution and frame rate, and lastly picture profiles and again how this differs from when you are shooting JPEG/RAW in stills. Once we have gone through this I will come around to each attendee and walk you through in more detail to get you up and shooting.

14:00 - We will head back to Baltic Market to break for lunch. If you have brought lunch with you then of course you can eat elsewhere but I would think the opportunity to go through some footage over lunch and talk about what we've done so far would be beneficial.

14:30 - After lunch the model will arrive and we will head back out to a few choice spots to learn about filming people and their movements. We will also cover focusing at this point, and the pros and cons of Manual vs Auto in video. You will each have individual time with the model to get plenty of practice.

15:30 - Lastly we will putting together everything we have learnt and attempting to put that into practice by filming enough footage for you to go away and make a 1 minute short film. That is assuming you have the capabilities to edit video, if you don't then it can be purely for practice but there is a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro available if anybody would like to give that a go.

16:30 - That's a wrap! At this point we will wrap things up and I'll answer any questions that you might have, unless the question is "Can I have my money back?"

The aim here is really to keep things very basis and simple, as with photography there is so much to cover that it's best to get to grips with the basics first and if everything goes well I will run future workshops that are more advanced.

What do you need?

- Any cameras and lenses that you would like to learn how to shoot with
- A tripod or monopod would be beneficial but isn't required
- Fully charged batteries, more than one if you can as video tends to each through much quicker than stills
- At least a 32GB memory card ideally at least 90mbp/s in speed but slower is fine
- A working knowledge of your camera in general as I am only an expert in Canon and Fujifilm and a intermediate with Sony so I might need your input to find certain menus to save time
- A very patient attitude towards life as this will be my first time teaching anything and I'm quite nervous!

Baltic Triangle is about 15 minutes walk from Liverpool Central Station, and parking is available right on site for a very reasonable price. As mentioned prior lunch is not included but we will be at the centre of some of the best food stalls in the entire area so fill your boots, or just eat some butties in your car.

Thanks, I hope to see you there!




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Places are limited to 10 maximum, anymore and I'll make a second date, but we're looking at about 6 or 7 at the moment.

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