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•Delivery of products and full price is dictated by the package agreed during consultations either via email, over the phone or in person. If prices or package services change after booking then all original agreements will be honoured/upgraded if applicable• Bookings are NOT confirmed until both a booking form and deposit have been received and the terms in this ccontract have been agreed to. Until this time your date is open for others to enquire about/book •In the event of YOUR cancellation, a refund of 80% is available up to 6 months before the date and then 50% is available up to 12 weeks before the event (If the balance has been paid in full, the other 20 or 50% makes up your non-refundable deposit dependant on timeframe) Under 12 weeks’ notification forfeits all payments at my discretion. Of course, there is a standard 14 day cooling off period from the date payment is received where you are eligible for a full refund no questions if you choose to cancel. • Complete package payment (your balance if applicable) must be paid on or before 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. If the balance is not paid you understand that I cannot attend, and your date becomes open again. • If YOU must move YOUR date, please inform me as soon as possible and I can arrange to reschedule at no additional cost. If I’m not available and this conflicts with another booking, I will do my best to arrange for a similar photographer to attend under the same conditions and I will still edit and provide all postproduction services). • I am fully insured against damages and accidents and hold public liability insurance also. • Any additions to your package will be added free of charge if the contents change at any point before delivery. Regardless of any package changes your delivered content will always be as it was advertised at the point of booking. • Your photos will be ready for delivery in up to 12 weeks from the wedding date(16 weeks during very busy periods) but all efforts will be made to deliver sooner than this and it is very rare to reach the 12 week mark • Although never usually an issue if a registrar/vicar/minister/priest etc.… Insists on an unfavourable position for filming or photographing your ceremony it must be respected. I always try to negotiate the best angle but on very few occasions this is not possible. • You agree that the still images may be used for any ongoing promotions I may undertake. Facebook/Instagram and only. If this is an issue you can request a blanket privacy agreement for £250 • You agree that you are happy to be photographed and guests are aware that this is taking place and if any guest wishes not to be featured, they should make themselves aware to me at the earliest possible occasion and I will make efforts to obscure them in shots. • Your data will always be secured on password protected drives for backup and archive initially and up until delivery on a computer with password and facial recognition safeguards. If you wish your data to be removed after delivery, please make me aware and I will delete your files. • I am incredibly discreet on the day and by signing you understand you are familiar with the look and style of my work. • In the event of serious illness or serious problems where I may not be able to attend, I will arrange a replacement who is familiar with my ways and trained and approved by me. I will still provide all postproduction services. If you wish to go elsewhere under these circumstances, you will of course be entitled to a full complete refund at the point of cancellation of all sums paid. • Revisions to edits must be limited to one edit only so if you did require any changes please make these VERY clear in writing so I can create the best possible package for you.

Please sign your name below and tick the box to acknowledge that you agree to all terms listed above. This must be signed and returned to me before your booking can be confirmed. If you have any queries about anything above then please email for further information.

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For all written agreement acknowledgements please send to:
Crystal Logic
Nicholas Malone
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