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LOUISE + BEN // Abode Chester Wedding Photography - 30.04.17

Living in Chester means that I'm on the doorstep to literally hundreds of amazing wedding venues, but more often than not I travel up the Wirral or into North Wales for my weddings. This is fine of course and I love visiting all of these wonderful different locales, but when somebody gets in touch about a stunning venue right in the heart of Chester, I do tend to get pretty excited. When I met up for the consultation with Louise & Ben they had just finished up making their wedding day cocktail menu with the Mixologist, and let's just say that they were feeling the effects somewhat which I thought was hilarious! We got on really well from the go and after...

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JEMMA + EDDY - Inglewood Manor Wedding Photography - 30.3.17

For one of my first weddings of the year I was excited for two reasons: Firstly because it was my partner's cousin getting married so lots of family would be there, and secondly because I had a brand new lens to try out that has lots of hype around it at the moment- the Sigma Art 85mm 1.4. A lot of photographers will run a mile when asked to shoot a friend or family members wedding -  and they all have pretty convincing arguments why -  but I was thrilled when Jemma got in touch to ask if I would do it, although I will admit that I did feel some extra pressure on the day to get everything just right, but that turned out to be a healthy thing and resulted in...

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Back in July I had the unbelievably cool chance to shoot the wedding of two amazing people at Chester Zoo, which is located in - you guessed it - Chester. Cheshire. I had gotten speaking to Cassie the bride the year before sometime, and I basically threw my dignity in the bin and begged her to let me shoot her wedding because I knew how fun it would be at Chester Zoo. Having grown up nearby and loving animals I've been hundreds of times so the thought of shooting a wedding there was really exciting. We met up to discuss their plans, and it was obvious how genuinely they...

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