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RHI + JAMIE // Pentre Mawr // North Wales Wedding Photography - 14.6.17

Confetti Smiles. Pentre Mawr Wales Wedding Photography.

Confetti Smiles. Pentre Mawr Wales Wedding Photography.

Back in June I set off early for my first (sort of)Destination Wedding. Well I was leaving England for Wales anyway so it felt like a big trip to me! Nestled in picturesque Denbigh, Pentre Mawr is easily one of the most beautiful venues I've ever been to, and as I was getting closer to arriving for my first wedding there I couldn't believe my luck that the sun was shining down on us. I turned up to find a very chilled out bridal prep in a lovely little cottage hidden just a minute away from the ceremony marquee. The whole area was cut off from guests for the morning so as not to spoil the surprise of how amazing everything looked. A lot of those said guests however were still recovering from the antics of the night before having stayed over and seen in the early hours, so they weren't feeling much up to roaming anyway. Things were still in the early stages for the girls so I quickly nipped to see the boys and capture Jamie opening his awesome little wedding present chest that was hiding his brand new Tag watch courtesy of the future Mrs. If we was trying to hide his smile opening his presents then he was doing a terrible job. 

Arriving back at bridal prep I was greeted by my trusty second shooter Val who was going to take over and spend the morning with the girls whilst me and the boys headed off to a nearby country pub. You know, all the hard tasks. After spending some time there and capturing some intimate moments between the lads, I took a slow stroll back to Pentre Mawr and shot some details before meeting back up with the girls. The Prosecco had been flowing and preparations were well underway so I blended in and took plenty of candids before guests started to make their way into the garden for the ceremony. Rhi's Father and Step-Father both arrived to walk her down the aisle together and were both blown away with how she looked. In fact most of the room started filling up, but not me I swear...

After a lovely ceremony, we headed outside for a big confetti shot and some fun formals in the wonderful sun before I stole the happy couple off for half an hour to wander around Pentre Mawrs stunning grounds for some photos. On our way back in we stumbled into a hidden little gallery room and I just had to quickly grab one more shot, and it ended up being my favourite from the whole day. The marquee looked amazing as everybody sat down for the speeches whilst enjoying some Wood Fire pizza. I may have been holding the camera with one hand with a slice in the other for the duration. After some heartfelt words from Dad, Groom and Best Man, everyone headed into yet another gorgeous and rustic section of Pentre Mawr for the first dance. After catching some wild dancing me and Val decided to take our leave, but not before discussing what a perfect day it had been because of how brilliant the couple had been and how beautiful the venue was. I really hope I'll be going back again soon.