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LOUISE + BEN // Abode Chester Wedding Photography - 30.04.17

Living in Chester means that I'm on the doorstep to literally hundreds of amazing wedding venues, but more often than not I travel up the Wirral or into North Wales for my weddings. This is fine of course and I love visiting all of these wonderful different locales, but when somebody gets in touch about a stunning venue right in the heart of Chester, I do tend to get pretty excited. When I met up for the consultation with Louise & Ben they had just finished up making their wedding day cocktail menu with the Mixologist, and let's just say that they were feeling the effects somewhat which I thought was hilarious! We got on really well from the go and after planning the day out together photographically I couldn't wait for the big day.

I arrived at the bridal prep in Ellesmere Port just down the road from where I grew up, so I felt right at home as I blended into the background of all of the crazy goings on that come with such a big morning. Louise was calm, probably the calmest bride I've ever seen which made the whole morning run very smoothly, and with no time spent on worrying everybody was left feeling excited for what was to come. She was particularly proud of all of the time and effort her and Ben had put into the super secret table centrepieces, but more about those later. Whilst I was capturing all of this, my trusty second shooter with the funny accent - Val from Flying Canadian Photography - was with the boys at The Abode, so much like Steve Tyler would have wanted we didn't miss a thing.

I arrived at The Abode to find a grinning and exited Ben who was doing his duties with about a hundred handshakes a minute as the guests arrived. Everybody took their seats as the bridal procession arrived, and when I let Ben know that Louise was on the other side of the wall his face lit up as he told me "I just can't wait to see her". True love shines in these moments and it makes my job that much more enjoyable and rewarding. The ceremony itself was really nice, with a mixture of traditional and personal vows fitting together perfectly. Afterwards we headed outside for a quick group shot as the winds were really picking up. Luckily the reception would see us heading up to the top floor of the Abode and the very swanky cosy restaurant space that had been transformed into Louise & Ben's vision. That's where the centrepieces come in. Now obviously I've seen all kinds of impressive decorations in my time, but these Disney themed centrepieces blew me away! The effort that had gone into these would have to be seen to be believed, but thankfully I had a camera with me- what are the odds! 

Whilst everybody headed upstairs to find their place in Wonderland, we stole the new Mr & Mrs Woodthorpe for some couples portraits during a period of blissful weather against the backdrop of a busy Chester City Centre. Afterwards, we hid from the elements for the remainder of the evening and instead chose a little spot upstairs for the group shots before stealing Louise & Ben one last time to head out onto the balcony for some final intimate moments together before the evening party began. They were both such a pleasure to work with all day, nothing we needed was a chore and the job was just made a whole lot easier given how much in love they are. 

After Ben set Phasers to stun on the Star Trek wedding cake and they both took centre stage for the first dance, it was finally time for us to set a course for home. It had been a long but thoroughly enjoyable day, and I knew before I had even got home that we got some amazing images. This was one of those weddings that I had been really looking forward to, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I wish them all the best! Special thanks once again to Val from Flying Canadian Photography for providing me with some unforgettable second shooting, and to Amy from ALT Videography who was on filming duties for the day. Head over to their websites to show some love!