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JEMMA + EDDY - Inglewood Manor Wedding Photography - 30.3.17


For one of my first weddings of the year I was excited for two reasons: Firstly because it was my partner's cousin getting married so lots of family would be there, and secondly because I had a brand new lens to try out that has lots of hype around it at the moment- the Sigma Art 85mm 1.4. A lot of photographers will run a mile when asked to shoot a friend or family members wedding -  and they all have pretty convincing arguments why -  but I was thrilled when Jemma got in touch to ask if I would do it, although I will admit that I did feel some extra pressure on the day to get everything just right, but that turned out to be a healthy thing and resulted in some beautiful images that I'd like to share with you today.

The ceremony was taking place at St. Barnabas Church in Bromborough  and we were five minutes away for the bridal prep. I normally have a couple of hours with the bridal party to capture the whole morning, but I was limited to about twenty minutes on this occasion so I started snapping. The bride had just moved into the house that week, so I tried to use that to my advantage and focus the subject against the plain, empty spaces and colours behind them and everything came out really nicely.

It was time for me to head to the venue so I nipped down the road and met up with my second shooter, who fortunately for me was Val Anderson of Flying Canadian Photography. I've been really blessed to work with Val a few times now and we're set to shoot a number of weddings together this year which I'm looking forward to. With little or no direction she captures another dimension of the day that I would have missed, and her contributions on this day would be invaluable. Things were running a bit behind and the weather was taking a turn for the worse as well, but I headed outside to wait for the wedding car and greet everybody when they arrived. Thankfully the rain subsided just in time for the car pulling in and a small army of smiling flower girls and bridesmaids emerged before the bride and her Father. 

St. Barnabas is a large and striking church and it's easy to get lost in the architecture when deciding where to stand, but I took my position next to the groom and waited for my money shot of the bride coming to greet him before drifting into the background during the ceremony to capture all of the intimate moments within. Outside the new Mr & Mrs Edwards braced themselves as they battled through the confetti and into the wedding car before disappearing off to reception venue. On arrival I went into full military mode to organise the group photos during a brief spout of nice weather and we planned on getting out for half an hour later on for the couples portraits.

After a lovely meal - which I got to eat as one of the guests on this rare occasion - I stole the couple away for half an hour for the portraits, which I was really excited for. We took a walk around the grounds of Inglewood, allowing Jemma & Eddy some time alone to reflect on the day and catch up with each other on the night before. I always encourage the couple to just enjoy the time away from everybody during the portraits and I capture the moments that happen in doing so, keeping the formal shots down to a minimum- although I couldn't help but set up a few shots in such a gorgeous venue. 

After touring the venues most idyllic spots we headed back inside so that the evening reception could begin, and me and Val set up for some new lighting techniques that we wanted to try during the first dance. It had been a particularly taxing wedding for me with the added pressure I felt to produce some amazing photos, but I was really happy with how everything had turned out and I was eager to finish up and swap my camera for a bottle of rum and enjoy the evening. Thanks to our collaborative efforts placing various lights subtly around the dance floor, the first dance looked amazing and capped the day off perfectly.  

A huge thank you goes out to Jemma & Eddy for inviting me to capture their day, I had so much fun and that was before I had even started drinking! And a special thank you once more to Val from Flying Canadian Photography for being amazing from start to finish. I've got another wedding to share very soon where we worked together so look out for that as well. For now head over to to keep up with all of her adventures. I promise I'm going to find more time to blog some older weddings as well somewhere in the 4 hours sleep that I'm currently enjoying!

For now, goodnight and god bless!